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Sharing is Caring: 3 Reasons to Get Down with the "Shared Closet" Idea

Sharing is Caring: 3 Reasons to Get Down with the "Shared Closet" Idea

We have a clothing waste problem and it's no joke.

"Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned" ~ Ellen MacArthur Foundation

While the most sustainable way to shop is to not shop, this gets tricky when trying to clothe little babes who seem to grow out of their clothing almost overnight! The next best option is choosing to shop vintage and pre-owned clothing rather than new. Buying pre-loved pieces extends the life cycle of the garment, keeping it out of our landfills and into a "shared closet" that promotes conscious consumption, community, and valuable life lessons. 

The "Shared Closet" Defined 

A shared closet is a conscious one - one that's mindful and multi-generational; one that's full of clothes that are built to last; and one that's about the unique, interesting garments that have a story to tell. 

The shared closet creates a cycle of lending, mending, and swapping that we wish to pass onto our children. It creates a culture of community and connections, and teaches that "new" doesn't always mean "better." 

Sharing = Conscious Consumption 

One of the first lessons we teach our babes is how to share: our toys, our food and our communal space. But why not apply this notion to our clothing? Sharing teaches that things - and the pleasure they bring - are meant to be enjoyed and then passed onto others (or better yet: things are even better when enjoyed with others, like that yummy cupcake split with a pal!). This awareness of the communal nature of things creates the motivation to treat them with care. Suddenly, these things are not "once and done" items to be used and tossed aside, but rather special pieces meant to be looked after, protected, and respected for the next person. The shared closet promotes these wonderful life lessons of respect for both the many "things" in our lives (including our clothing) and for each other.

Sustainable & Attainable Fashion

Traditionally, fashion is meant to feel exclusive and unattainable. The industry sets the style and the consumers scramble to emulate the look. We love how the shared closet is sustainable and attainable! It creates an environment where one can be inspired by fashion, not defined by it. It creates a space for creative expression that is authentic and so very individual because each item is unique and imbued with story and soul. Our littles get the opportunity to put their own imprint and personality into every piece, which in turn keeps the fashion fluid and fun.

"Buy less, choose well, make it last" - Vivienne Westwood 

We have so much power to change the way we consume, just by changing our mindset and approach to what we buy. We hope that you consider pre-loved and vintage clothing for your littles and help grow the shared closet that we all can enjoy.