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Oh My B'gosh! Why We Love Vintage OshKosh Overalls

Oh My B'gosh! Why We Love Vintage OshKosh Overalls

From Tom Sawyer to Dennis the Menace, kids and overalls are as iconic as they come. With a slingshot in one pocket and a frog in the other, little bubs and their bibbed overalls are ready for all of life's adventures. Discover why vintage OshKosh B'gosh is truly the best of the bunch. 

OshKosh Overalls: The History

Owning a pair of vintage bibbed overalls from OshKosh B’gosh is like owning an itty bitty piece of Americana. Founded in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in 1895, the company originally made workwear overalls for men - but began selling mini versions in the 1970’s when they discovered that parents loved dressing their children just like their fathers. Tiny bibbed overalls for little folks quickly became a best seller and put OshKosh - and these little dungarees - on the map.

Over the the next three decades, the OshKosh overall was made locally with precision and care - from the tiny buttonholes and buckles to the signature stitching and pint-sized pockets. As the love for these pieces progressed, so did its style: the classic denim look; clean engineer and conductor stripes; cozy corduroy fabrics; and the softest, breathable cotton in all the colors of the rainbow.

How to Tell it's Vintage OshKosh

Get your hands on a vintage OshKosh overall and you'll quickly understand that these beloved pieces look and feel like nothing else made today. It's why we love them so and our hunt for these vintage treasures is our favorite journey.

The times may have changed, but these vintage pieces have stayed exactly the same. We hope that we can help the legacy live on with our handpicked collection of vintage OshKosh - and let these pre-loved overalls enjoy a second life of wonder and adventure with all of our littles.