We believe that children's clothing should be sustainable, multi-generational, and made to last. Our curated collection of vintage and pre-loved clothing for babies and toddlers celebrates the storied imperfections of individuality.

Our Values


Buying used items instead of new keeps the life cycle of a garment in circulation and out of our landfills. It helps to negate the impact the garment industry has on the environment and it allows us to harness our purchasing power for positive change.


We don't follow trends; we don't organize our clothing by gender; and we don't ever shy away from the question: "Where did you find that amazing outfit!?" -  because we get it every. single. time. And now your littles will too. 


Passing on the little looks we love from past generations makes our hearts happy. Meaningful moments, sentimental memories, and the special outfits that define them are lovingly upcycled from our childhoods to theirs.


Equip and empower little hearts and minds with the foundations of sustainable living. Buying pre-loved teaches that consumption can be thoughtful and creative: "new" doesn't always mean "better" and  "right now" doesn't always mean "no consequence."

Made to Last

Made before the ubiquity of "throw away" fashion, our garments are thoughtfully crafted from skilled hands and durable fabrics that are meant for generations of wear. Comfortable and ready for play, each item has a storied past and a secret to tell.

individual af

Alleyoop clothing is thoughtfully chosen because it's interesting, unique, quirky, one-of-a-kind, and simply damn cool - just like your babes. These perfectly imperfect looks are as individual and special as the littles that wear them. We can't wait for your babe to give these garments another life and leave their unique imprint!

Our Story

Alleyoop was born from a shared passion for a more interesting and sustainable way to clothe our children. Friends for over two decades, founders Samantha and Catherine believed there had to be a better alternative to shopping for their children than browsing racks of mass-produced clothing. Inspired by the nostalgic pieces from their own childhood, they began to curate a collection of fabulous garments that honor a time when attention was paid to detail and things were made to last. Authentic, sustainable, and individual AF, the Alleyoop ethos was born and the rest, as they say, is history. 

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Samantha AndrĂ© 
on her first day of second grade, looking all pretty in pink and peppered in bows from her head to her toes.

Catherine Yousefian
on her first day of dance class, looking like a proper 80s performer with her blue stripes and leg warmers.